Tommy Coyle Career

name: thomas joshua coyle
alias: boom boom
role: boxer
date of birth: 02-09-1989
global ID: 502718
weight: 135lbs

nationality: British
residence: hull, uk
record: (w)22-(L)3-(D)0
debut: 2009/09/18
division: lightweight
stance: orthadox

"Your attitude determines your altitude"

"It goes without saying that my family are my biggest supporters"

Family is and always will be everything to me. We are an extremely close unit, my Mother Debbie and Father Chris have devoted their entire lives to me and my three brothers. Mum, is a very strong individual and is very loving and caring and Dad is a colourful character to say the least, if you were going to war he’s a soldier you would want on your side. My father is my best friend.

I have three brothers who I am very proud of, the youngest is Rocco - he has recently signed for Hull City however he can fight, he’s a better boxer than I ever was at his age, he’s a natural. Lewie plays for the Leeds United first team, he’s a very disciplined, hardworking individual. He has been at Leeds since the age of six. Joe is twenty one and is a professional golfer, he has very recently qualified for the PGA Euro Pro Tour. We all share the same passion and work ethic for sport, my Dad would remind us every day to reach for the stars, work hard, make sacrifices and persevere.

My Dad never really excelled in any sport but he participated in many. He won the bodybuilding competition Mr Hull in 1989 but never took it any further. For someone with little experience in elite sport he has been an unbelievable mentor in my life and I relate a lot of my career to many of the lessons and hardships I experienced growing up with him. My Dad was and still is a market trader, he has sold fruit and veg for as long as I can remember. He reminds me of a boomerang, he has been skint more times than Del Boy but has always found a way to provide and keep his head above the water, it was almost as if he enjoyed the struggle. He’s very very resilient - nothing phased him. My brothers didn’t see everything and they’ll never know what I know, they went to school everyday however I spent most of my younger days by my fathers side working on the stall. I learnt a lot about life while I was working on the markets and I learnt a lot about 'Hard work, Sacrifice and Perseverance' spending long hours with my Dad.

The HSP strategy is what I now teach to all the youngsters involved with my Foundation. It is a product of my own life experiences, It encourages kids to aim for the stars, apply an abundance of hard work, make the required sacrifices and persevere when things don’t quite go to plan. Daddy Coyle would always say the true strength of a man is one who can over come adversity. I tell the youngsters if they apply the HSP strategy, Success is eventually inevitable.

I want to share a story it might help you understand where my mentality comes from and it might just inspire you in times of adversity. I was 15 years old and playing for Leeds United Academy. On this particular day I was twagging/bunking off school, me and my good friend, Josh Hodgson who now plays for Canberra Raiders, would regularly miss the school bus on purpose and get breakfast. As usual we went to Asda and when we arrived who was sat there having a breakfast? Daddy Coyle! I had been busted. I wasn’t really worried about my punishment, I was more interested why Dad was in Asda at 08:30 in the morning.

Josh went off to school and I stayed to ask a few questions. "What you doing here Dad, I heard you leave at 4am this morning for work?” It turned out my Dad had gone bankrupt he said to me "I left for work this morning so you, your mother and your brothers knew no different, I didn’t want you to worry. I won’t be bust for long and the only thing you get for staying in bed son are bed sores, you don’t meet opportunity lying in bed.” I told him ‘Not to worry, about taking me to Leeds that evening'. I knew it was £30 in fuel every time we went and it would cost him £150 a week because Lewie played for Leeds at the same time. He said to me “Your going training, get to school and I’ll collect you at 4pm.”

4pm came and he picked me up. We drove to the petrol station where we usually filled up and I knew he literally didn’t have any money, he began filling up but carried on past his usually £30 and he filled it to the brim. I said "Dad, what are you doing?", when he finished filling the van up he jumped back in and began to drive off he said listen son “Theres always a way, I will most likely receive a letter in 7 days saying you have failed to pay before making off". He said "in 7 days time I’ll be back at work and I’ll take the money into the petrol station". He laughed and said "It’s like having a fuel credit card for market traders. There’s no way you was missing training son, excellence requires commitment."

The message was clear and simple, there’s always a way, don’t give up. Wake up every morning and strive, the only thing you get for staying in bed is bed sores. My dad got back to work, and, as promised paid the money he owed the petrol station.

It’s no coincidence we have excelled in sport, we have two fantastic parents that love and adore us and have always believed in us. They moved heaven and earth to get us 3 square meals a day, equipment and get us to the events. All 4 of us have adopted the HSP Strategy and are reaping the rewards every day.

"Life is good but it hasn’t always been that way.
There’s no Glory without a Story

you don’t have to be the most talented individual in order to achieve success, but if you’re willing to work hard, make sacrifices and persevere when things don’t go to plan success is eventually inevitable.

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